Live Healthy SC Data Walk Summary

On March 25th, Impact York County (IYC) and SC Dept. of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) held the Live Healthy SC – York County Data Walk. It focused on presenting county level data, identifying health priorities, and discussion of next steps to create our county wide health improvement plan. The data walk was open to all who work, live, and care about the health of York County and we had approximately 60 people in attendance.


During the data walk, attendees had the chance to visit data stations in the follow categories (see attached document):


  1. Access to Care: Insurance Status, Delayed Medical Care, Primary Care, Dental Care

  2. Maternal & Child Health: Prenatal Care Entry, Breastfeeding Initiation, Teen Births, Infant Mortality, Preterm Birth, Low Birthweight

  3. Chronic Diseases & Risk Factors: Associated Chronic Diseases, Healthy Eating/Active Living, Cancer

  4. Infectious Diseases: Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Infections

  5. Behavioral Health: Mental Health, Depression, Suicide, Alcohol, Tobacco, Substance Abuse

  6. Injury: Heat Related, Homicide, Assault, Traumatic Brain Injury, Motor Vehicle Accidents

  7. Cross Cutting: Leading Causes of Death, Poverty Status, Income Inequality, Life Expectancy

  8. Demographics: Housing, Population, Education, Employment


Each data station was staffed by a SC DHEC employee to explain what the data was showing/saying. Attendees spent about an hour rotating through the different data stations.

Once all data stations were visited, attendees had time to discuss what they had just seen. There was a question-and-answer discussion, which led to voting on the top three health priorities attendees felt we could make a difference in. The top three priorities that received the most votes were:

  1. Behavioral Health

  2. Healthy Eating, Active Living (HEAL)

  3. Injury

Attendees then signed up to be a part of workgroups that will create goals and strategies to address the issues. This information will be presented in a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), eventually leading to action plans for each workgroup.

Next Steps:

  • A doodle poll will be sent out to those that signed up to be on a workgroup. If you did not have a chance to sign up, please contact Candra Riley at by April 6th.

  • Share this information with your organization

  • Data posters are housed at the Rock Hill Health Dept., if you would like to display them at you organization or during a meeting, please contact Candra Riley at for more information on how to  reserve.


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Live Healthy SC

Snapshot and Life Expectancy Map     


Contact Name(s) & Information:

Candra Riley, MPH                           Shekinah Miller, MS

Health Educator SC DHEC              Program and Project Coordinator, Impact York County                       

803-239-6937                                   704-572-2150



Note: You will need Adobe Reader to view the following documents. Download it for free here.

Download Data Walk Summary

Access to Care York County:

Insurance Status /

Delayed Medical Care

Oral Health

Primary Care Providers

Behavioral Health York County:

Suicide & Self-Harm



Chronic Disease York County:

Obesity/Nutrition/Physical Activity

All Cancers / Female / Male


Hypertension/Stroke/Heart Disease

Cross-Cutting York County:

Life Expectancy Gap

Health Equity

Poverty & Income

Demographics York County:





Infectious Disease York County:





Injury York County: 

Overall Injury

Violent Injuries/Homicides/Suicides

Maternal & Infant Health YC:

Infant Mortality

Preterm Birth/Low Birthweight/

Breastfeeding Initiation

General Fertility/Teen Births/

Prenatal Care